Acampo Transmitter Setup

Acampo Transmitter System Setup

As stated on the software page, you MUST EXPAND the file system size of your SD card in order to make the system function properly. The reason is simple. Our team shaved the file system down very tightly to make is small for download. With a stock Portsdown software install, you are required to put Jessie or Stretch onto an SD card first. Then download in run their install script that updates the system software and download the components of the RPIDATV transmitter software, then the installer compiles some programs and then installs the binaries to the proper location. This process does take quite some time to complete. Once that is done the software has to be configured to meet your system parameters.
Needless to say, if you make a mistake and dont know what parameter values you need to use then it can be rough to sort it all out.

Our team has taken the time to compress a running mostly pre-configured system into this downloadable image. The only changes that one really needs to do is change the callsign and location fields in the software. Everything else is preconfiured to access the Mt. Diablo DATV Repeater.


First thing we do is expand the file system so the card is usable, if you do not do this it will not boot and run properly
Follow this proceedure exactly:
1 - Insert the SD card into the Raspberry Pi and turn it on
2 - sudo raspi-config
3 - Arrow down to Advanced Options
4 - Expand File System
5 - Finish
6 - sync
7 - sudo shutdown -r now

Software Configuration
Second thing we do is setup your callsign and location
1 - Login to your Raspberry Pi
2 - rpidatv/scripts/
3 - Arrow down to Station
4 - Input your Callsign (I.E. WB6ASU)
5 - Input your Location (I.E. Acampo, CA)
6 - Arrow down to shutdown
7 - Arrow down to Reboot

Unless you plan to experiment, this is all you need to do to make this software work with the Acampo Transmitter.
The preconfigured settings will not work for the DATV Express Transmitter Board